Our primary goal for this 4 week cycle is to build single leg strength. This will help fix any imbalances that you may have going on. Our secondary goal, and the one you came here for, is to BUILD THAT BOOTY! Let’s get to work! 

Week 1- Day 1 

(Strength Day) 

  • A- Build to a one Rep max Back Rack Lunge (1 Rep on each side) 

B- Accessory Work 

3 Sets 

  • 10 DB Romanian DL’s 
  • 5 Sandbag Squats (bear hug position) 
  • :30s bear hug sandbag hold 


Week 1- Day 2 (Accessory Day) 

A- Barbell Box Step Ups 

  • 4 Sets x 5 Reps per side 
  • Increase the weight per set but always focus on form FIRST

B- KB Swings + Glute Bridge Superset 

  • 4 Sets of 10 Russian KB Swings + :30s Glute Bridge Hold 
  • Add a weight to the glute bridge if you need more of a challenge 
  • Start with a (24K/16K) and work your way to (32K/24K) on the Swings