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What Are Our Classes Like?

Fun Workouts

Our workouts change every day and are designed to be effective, challenging, and something you'll look forward to every day.

Ongoing Process

We focus each class on a specific purpose, and we know that helping you achieve that purpose will get you closer to your goals.

Individual Coaching

During each class you'll be in a small group setting where you'll be able to receive coaching that helps address your individual needs.

A Variety of Different Classes

Choose the path that fits you best and helps you achieve the results you want.

Our Members Are Just Like You

Everyone starts from a different place, but our members are committed to having fun while they put in the necessary work to achieve the results they want.

Lisa-Marie Franke -

I joined because CrossFit Millburn has great programming, people, and equipment.

Nicole Reinman -

CrossFit has a learning curve, but at CrossFit Millburn you will leave feeling accomplished after each workout, regardless of your entry point.

Alan Wolk -

Since I've been here I've learned that anything is possible if you break it down into small chunks.

Andy Oosterheert -

I joined for the knowledgeable coaching and thoughtful programing.

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